Church Rocks

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Church Rocks Trail

The Church Rocks Loop is a popular trail near Washington. It is 3.1 miles long and mostly consists of slickrock. The loop has minimal changes in elevation, making it a fast ride. Church Rocks is considered an intermediate trail due to some steep and rough sections, but less experienced riders can walk those parts.

To reach Church Rocks, you can take the Prospector, Grapevine, or The Tunnel trails. Most riders now access Church Rocks through the Prospector Trail from the Cottonwood Trailhead.

The classic Tunnel Route starts at Heritage Park in Coral Canyon. You’ll ride on a paved trail from the Coral Canyon subdivision. The ride is about 8.2 miles if you only do the loop once. The route takes you uphill, along the freeway, and through the “haunted I-15 pipe” before reaching the slickrock.

The most popular way to get to Church Rocks is through the Cottonwood trailhead using the Prospector Trail. It’s a 0.5-mile ride on the Cottonwood Trail, then a left turn onto the Prospector Trail. Follow the Prospector Trail for 3 miles until it intersects with the Church Rocks Loop. Ride the loop clockwise for a total of about 11 miles.

From the Grapevine trailhead, head east on Grapevine (which continues as Prospector). At the top of the hill, you have two options: go straight ahead for switchbacks or fork left for a gentle descent through the ravine. Both options lead to the western corner of the Church Rocks loop.

The northern side of the loop follows the break between the mesa sagebrush and the slickrock cliffs. The trail is easy to follow by looking at the tire marks on the slickrock. The southern side combines high-speed smooth desert singletrack and slickrock. The Prospector Trail connects to the middle of this singletrack area.

Overall, Church Rocks is a very enjoyable and scenic ride. It’s a popular trail, so expect to see other riders.

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