Jem Trail

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J.E.M Trail

J.E.M. Trail is a popular out-and-back mountain biking trail that offers spectacular views and a fast, rewarding ride between varying landscapes including desert sagebrush, cavernous holes, and steep cliffs.

J.E.M. Trail is suitable for most average bikers and is a moderately challenging ride.

The information below is for the classic J.E.M. Loop Trail without the addition of other routes. Safety is the number one priority with this trail. There are many switchbacks with steep drop-offs and should be approached with caution. Take it slowly and enjoy the scenery!


The trailhead is just off of S.R 59 and is 5.4 miles (10 minute drive) from Hurricane. Use this map for directions to the trailhead.

Important Information:

Important Note:

As with the other trails in this network, J.E.M. Can be accessed from various points in the trail and can also connect to other trails including Hurricane Rim Trailhead and Gould’s Wash. For more information on the various routes, check out this website! This website also offers important information on the surrounding trails.

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