Toquerville Falls

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Toquerville Falls (ATV, Off-road, Swimming) 

Toquerville Falls is a desert oasis with the perfect accommodations for off-road ATV rides, swimming, and photography. The cascading water and striking red rock make a remarkable day trip you won’t forget. 

The rugged dirt road leads to a picturesque waterfall and swimming hole that is deep enough to jump into from the second falls. The upper falls are shallow and perfect for families and supervised children to explore. The second falls are more wild and should be enjoyed cautiously. 

There is a long alcove attached to the falls that provide shade and an ideal spot for a picnic or snack. It’s also a perfect “base camp” to lay out towels and set up for the day! 


This waterfall swimming destination is a mere 50 minutes away from Hurricane. Head North towards Toquerville and turn right onto Spring Drive until you reach the falls.

Follow this map to reach Toquerville Falls. 

Important Information:


This trail requires an extra caution warning! Please keep in mind that this trail requires a 4 wheel drive, high clearance, vehicle—  preferably an ATV. Adventurers should not underestimate the rugged road and should practice safety on this trail. A few more things to keep in mind: 

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