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What is pole dance fitness?

Pole dance fitness is a growing sport for fitness and dance based on choreographed routines and tricks with a pole. Sometimes we even call it yoga on a pole! We incorporate so many yoga moves on the pole, but it makes them just a bit harder since it is done aerially.

Pole fitness can help you improve your posture, coordination, flexibility, and confidence. Pole training is a very dynamic and exciting fitness class that never feels like a boring workout!

This type of exercise will increase your core and overall general body strength by using itself to lift, pull and contort into different shapes. There is a lot of upper body strength when it comes to pole dancing, but you will be using almost every muscle in your body depending on the move. It can be very challenging when you’re new to pole and something you’ve never experienced. With practice and consistent effort you will be a pro in no time!

Our instructors here at Studio Invert make all our students, new and old, very comfortable and welcomed so it’s a lot easier to come to class and work on your poles goals! We understand how hard pole dancing is and we were all there once too! We only allow you to practice moves at your level so you can successfully advance and the intimidation becomes less and less of a problem.

All pole moves that are not aerial are the best to start with, because it is basically just dancing/moving around the pole. There are times when you will take your feet off the ground, but again those beginner moves can easily be done by anyone, even when someone requires a modification.

Pole fitness is a great alternative to a regular gym workout or dance class. As you gain strength and grace in your new pole moves, you will feel empowered and gain a real sense of achievement while having lots of fun making new friends!

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