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Tattoo Artist

our artists here at Vamp are eager to help you design something great, they have all been through there apprenticeships and have some great experience as well as a respect for this industry as they had to work hard to get here.


hello my name is Melini and I am the piercer here at Vamp, I have been piercing since 2011 and love the freedom of creativity with piercing different anatomical features and complete ear designs and stylings or even complete body designs with high quality jewelry, I focus only on piercing and jewelry so that I can give my clients 100% as they deserve, I love the lasting effects of fine body jewelry as it does not break down and turn colors or cause staining or piercing irritation, 

High quality jewelry

we use and sell only the highest quality jewelry that is free from all common allergy causing chemicals and metals and our gemstones are all ethically sourced and never treated with heavy metals or adhesives like the lower quality jewelry and gemstones commonly have been, we can fit you with some  fine body jewelry for your nose piercing, your VCH piercing, or any other body piercings you have or start fresh and get you working on healing some fun new piercings.

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