Santa Clara River Walkway

Santa Clara River Walkway: Quick Guide

The Santa Clara River Walkway in Pine Valley Recreation Area is a 4.2-mile paved trail perfect for families and all types of hikers. Starting about a mile from the entrance station, the trail offers two paths: a 2.5-mile route to Pine Valley Reservoir and a 1.6-mile route to Pine Valley Canal Trail. The trail features beautiful scenery, including river views, mountain vistas, and wildlife sightings like deer and birds. It’s stroller and wheelchair-friendly, with plenty of amenities and interactive signs along the way. Enjoy the fresh pine scent and fun bridges as you explore this lovely trail.

Location: Pine Valley Recreation Area

Trailhead: About a mile from the entrance station, with visible signage from the road. Parking, restrooms, and other amenities are available at the trailhead.

Trail Info:

Trail Directions:

  1. Starting Point:
    • Cross a bridge 250 feet from the trailhead. The path splits into two options.
  2. Right Path (2.5 miles round trip):
    • Leads towards Pine Valley Reservoir.
    • Continues along the river and connects with the main road near the entrance station.
    • Note: There is a junction with paths for the Amphitheater and Yellow Pine Loop. Stay right or follow the river parallel to the main road.
  3. Left Path (1.6 miles round trip):
    • Connects to the Pine Valley Canal Trail trailhead.
    • Features an open field with mountain views.
    • Passes Mitt Moody Campground and Ebenezer Bryce Campground.



Tips for Visitors:

Enjoy your walk through the forest and along the river!

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