Parowan Gap

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Parowan Gap Petroglyphs

Parowan Gap is a geological formation located in southwestern Utah, USA, near the town of Parowan. This area is renowned for its distinctive features, including a natural mountain pass and a collection of petroglyphs. The gap, formed by the flow of the Little Salt Lake fault, allows for stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

One of the main attractions at Parowan Gap is the collection of ancient petroglyphs etched onto the rocks by Native American inhabitants. These petroglyphs, believed to be thousands of years old, depict various symbols, geometric patterns, and representations of animals. The exact meaning of these petroglyphs remains a subject of study and interpretation by archaeologists and historians.

The site also holds cultural and historical significance for Native American tribes, and it is considered a sacred and ceremonial place. Parowan Gap offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of natural beauty, geology, and ancient human history in the heart of Utah. It is a designated State Historical Monument and is managed by the Utah Department of Heritage and Arts.


Address: Parowan Gap Petroglyphs, Iron County, UT 84717

Petroglyphs: N37° 54’ 35”, W112° 59’ 08”

Dinosaur Tracks: N37° 53’ 49”, W112° 57’ 03”

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