Crimson Canyon Orderville Ut

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Don’t forget to add this hike to the list, Atvs, Slot Canyons, And the beauty that is Zions. This tour begins with a thrilling ride in a customized off-road machine leading to Slot Canyon, which is private access only and far from any paved roads. Once at the canyon’s mouth, the hike begins. The red canyon walls stretch over 100-feet high on either side, with a gap of only 6-10 feet between the walls to hike through.

Led by a guide and local expert, the tour continues on foot through the canyon while learning about Native American history and geographical information. Large boulders frequent the route, requiring short climbs of 3-6 feet with the assistance of the guide.

After traveling the desired distance into the canyon and capturing stunning pictures of these sandstone formations, you’ll hike the same route back to the vehicle and return to the meeting location.

After a heavy rainstorm sections of the canyons may contain pools of water. Under these circumstances we supply what is needed to gear up and advance through the canyon despite these potential obstacles!

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