Lava Flow Trail

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Lava Flow (AKA The Lava Tubes)

The Lava Flow Trail in Snow Canyon State Park, near St. George, offers a unique hike to two large lava tube caves. Both caves are open for exploration, so don’t forget to bring a flashlight.

Hike Info:

The trail has a large parking area at the north end of the park. It’s an out-and-back trail that first passes a large lava tube and then a smaller one. The hike is gently downhill but has no shade, so be prepared for the sun. The lava tubes themselves are nice and cool inside, providing a refreshing break.

Exploring the Snow Canyon Lava Tubes:

The second lava tube is further down the trail. It’s smaller but still interesting and easier to navigate, making it great for young kids. It also requires some squeezing but is more accessible.

Enjoy your adventure and stay safe!

Important Information: 

Family Tips for Visiting the Lava Tubes

After checking out the lava tubes, you can continue along the Lava Flow trail. This trail can also be paired with the Butterfly Trail. Most people do the Snow Canyon lava tubes as a round trip. Here are some tips to stay safe while exploring the lava tubes:

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