Mollie's Nipple


Mollie’s Nipple

Mollie’s nipple is a pointed rock formation that boasts thick layers of limestone and stands out among the surrounding flat landscape. The butte, rumored to be named by a pioneer in reference to his wife, Molly, is hikeable and rewards adventurers with phenomenal and uninterrupted views of the Hurricane Valley and surrounding areas including: Sand Hollow, Quail Creek Reservoir, Pine Valley Mountain, Hurricane Valley, and a partial view of Zion’s National Park.

Important Information:

Important Note: There are two ways to access Mollie’s Nipple Hike.

Easier Route:

The easier hiking route only has an elevation gain of 320 feet and can be accessed from the backside of the butte by dirt road. This route requires a vehicle with a high clearance equipped for off-road adventures.

The trail up the back side of Mollie’s Nipple is short, but a steep incline and requires some rock scrambling.

Directions (33 minute drive from Hurricane Main St.):

Strenuous Route:

The trail is only roughly 1.7 miles, but is very challenging and gains 1,353 feet in elevation. This route will take between 1.5-2 hours to complete.

Hikers can expect a steep incline on the ascent, occasional loose gravel, and some rock scrambling. The trail is usually mildly to rarely trafficked and is best hiked early in the morning to avoid the risk of heatstroke. Be prepared for steep drop-offs.

Directions (8 minute drive from Hurricane Main St.):

As with any hike, please prioritize safety on this trail! Wear comfortable hiking shoes, pack plenty of water and snacks, and don’t approach steep cliffs or rocky edges. Please help us protect our environment and pack out anything that you packed in!

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