Water Canyon

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Water Canyon is an amazing Canyon on the backside of Zion. Hidden inside this stunning canyon is a one of a kind hike. This trail features stunning views and follows a small stream up the mountain. This is a wonderful alternative to Zion National Park if you are looking to avoid the crowds. Along the way, you will fall in love with Utah and all the amazing views. 

A few things to know before you head out on your adventure:

  1.  The Road to Water Canyon is Dirt and Sometimes Very Sandy. An SUV or Side by Side is Recommended. 
  2.  This Trail is Free, and All are Welcome!
  3. This Trail is Not Developed. No pavement, ropes, or railing is on this path. 
  4.  This Trail is Not Wheel Chair Accessible. 
  5.  There is an Out Door Restroom at the beginning of the hike, bring your own Tissue and Hand Sanitizer. 
  6.  This Trail is Moderately Strenuous.  Not recommended for children under 6. 
  7. Bring Water, Snacks, Etc. There are no service once you have headed up the canyon.

We hope you enjoy our hidden gem! Come back and tell us about your experience! 

Make sure you Visit Maxwell Park while you are in town! Up the same Canyon as Water Canyon and the water is delicious! 

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