High Desert Habit at the Colorado City Music Festival

High Desert Habit

High Desert Habit ..{a lamp in the corner flickers on & someone lights a cigarette in a dimly lit bar}

The bartender starts in..

“High Desert Habit?..hmm..well, what can I say about those guys..

E.Merciless, the captain at the helm, plays an old telecaster through a monstrous amp, beltin’ out stories of fast times, friends, family & loss on the high desert, honest lyrics that resonate with listeners. Following his lead and holdin’ down the low end is Cassandra LuvLee, the prettiest paintbrush in the desert & her trusty bronco in daphne blue, adding colorful walks everywhere they go. Then theres the man keeping them steady as the voice of reason & making everyone tap their feet, O.G. on a beautiful Catalina Birch set.

This trio hails from arid, cattle covered hills, long crested valleys & mountains full of gold, the town of Winnemucca, NV. With various musical upbringings, the three shared common ground & as fate would have it, they came together in 2017 with a few friends to find they had a knack for making music. By late 2018, High Desert Habit was well on its way to honky-tonkin anywhere that would hire & writing up a storm of songs. They self produced their first single “Magic” in 2020 and started hitting the gigs hard the following year.

By 2023 High Desert Habit would be performing year round, seventy plus shows across six states, & recording a live EP titled “Honky Tonks & Tattoo Shops” at Tin Roof Studios in Fallon NV, which is currently available on all platforms. The band was recently featured on Longleys Line Podcast with Steven Longley out of Reno NV as well as Elko Backstage! with Sandy Beeler in Elko NV. High Desert Habit is an act you dont want to miss!”

{The lights go out, silence falls, & a lonely cigarette is left glowing in the dark room}

“Well, here’s the deal, man. High Desert Habit is Nevada As F*ck, plain and simple. I mean, we wake up in the morning and make Honky-Tonk-Desert-Rock-Excellence.” - E.Merciless