El Capitan

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El Capitan

El Capitan hike is one of the most strenuous and rewarding trails in Hildale, Utah. Although it’s only roughly 1.5 miles to the top (3 mile round trip), the elevation gained is around 2,000 feet! 

As an alternative to Zion’s National Park, El Capitan Hike mimics the stunning red cliffs, but with the tranquility without the crowded tourism. 

The hike ends with a stunning view of Hildale and the surrounding areas and features a large American flag billowing in the wind. Be prepared for long uphill stretches of loose sand.

It is highly recommended to find a local guide to take you on this hike. Use the local Facebook Marketplace page to find a guide. The trail is often unmarked and it is easy to get lost. 


Follow Maxwell Parkway until you reach Maxwell Park. Right as you enter the park, turn left onto the dirt road labeled “Jan’s Cyn” on google maps. Use this map to reach Maxwell Park from Hildale. 

Important Information: 


Safety is the #1 priority with this hike. It is not monitored by a ranger or organization and each hiker is solely responsible for themself. There are many steep cliffs and slippery rocks. PLEASE stay away from edges and cliffs! 

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