CARLEEN at the Colorado City Music Festival


Carleen ~an LA-based singer-songwriter~ channels her challenging past into meaningful music. As a survivor of a polygamist upbringing in Hildale, UT, Carleen was subjected to a daily life of neglect and abuse. These themes echo throughout her music, becoming the dark contrast for powerful expressions of deep, relatable emotions like imposter syndrome and depression. Drawing comparisons to Joni Mitchell, Carleen blends this classic style with a more modern touch, fusing groovy beats with folky vocals a la Kacey Musgraves.

For over a decade, she’s been touring iconic venues like the Viper Room, House of Blues and even busking around Europe. She is also a three-time recipient of prestigious Herb Alpert scholarships and spends her time teaching when she’s not performing or recording. Her most recent project, catalyst, is a record that uses insightful metaphors inspired by nature, the cosmos, and mythology. The result is a synergy best described as alternative-folk.

Carleen is determined to become the person she needed but never had growing up, so she can give back and be present for others. Her goal is to experience the world through her music and share her journey with as many hearts as she can!”