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Amphitheater- Hildale

The Amphitheater is a gorgeous sloping rock destination with water trickling down the sandstone walls and a stagnant pool called “Amphitheater Lake” which is fed by springs seeping out of the cliffs. Reaching the Amphitheater by hiking on the Short Creek Canyon trail is enjoyable and flat, but the trail is also popular with ATV’s, horses, and mountain bikers. This trail is perfect for packing a picnic and lounging at the Amphitheater for a few hours to soak up the views. Plan on a tranquil environment to be rejuvenated by nature!


Use this map for directions from Hildale to the Squirrel Canyon Trailhead.

Begin at Squirrel Canyon Trailhead and follow the creek bed. This trail continues past the Squirrel Canyon turn.

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