Mosquito Authority-Greater Phoenix, AZ

Mosquito Authority is the leading local pest control in Phoenix, AZ. Mosquito Authority - Greater Phoenix, AZ is proud to be able to offer our customers a mosquito-free yard for the entire season, which is why we guarantee our services. If you find yourself being bothered by mosquitoes between treatments? Just call us and we’ll come out again at no additional charge. Our technicians will re-assess your property and treat it again if needed. Mosquito Authority - Greater Phoenix, AZ has been refining our systems for many years, so you know we’re going to deliver what we promise: a mosquito-free yard! We’re always looking for ways to serve our community. That’s why we’re involved in many local events that help make our city a better place, and why our specialists treat many sites at no charge as another way for us to support our local community.

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