White Pocket

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White Pocket

Located in Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, White Pocket is an easy loop trail popular for hiking, walking, and exploring and is known for spherical colored beehives and sandblasted cone structures. White Pocket has been described as “another planet” with otherworldly striated rock formations and colorful curves. Native American artifacts and petroglyphs can be spotted among the layered yellow, red, and orange windswept rock. These remote cliffs have little foot traffic and are the ideal escape for adventure and unbeatable views. A high-clearance 4x4 or off-road vehicle is necessary to reach the trailhead.

For directions to White Pocket use this map.

White Pocket trailhead is accessed from the House Rock Valley Road (BLM 1065). To get to House Rock Valley Road from Kanab, UT, take Highway 89 east for 38 miles. From Page, AZ, take Highway 89 west for 36 miles.

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